Our Story

Ceejay is a luxury streetwear brand established in The Netherlands by Chris Frans and Jehneal Homan, dedicated to creating garments that are both luxurious, distinctive, and functional.

Our journey began in Chris's garage. With just pencils and sketchbooks, we let our imaginations run wild. We poured our hearts into our designs. That's how our first collection, the 'First Edition,' came to life. We aimed for a blend of classic luxury and modern streetwear.

Starting Ceejay was all about having a clear purpose and vision. We noticed a gap in the industry and wanted to fill it with something special. Our goal was to offer clothes that were both unique and practical. We found a way to merge style with functionality, creating something truly original. Our focus has always been on enhancing appearance while providing solutions.

At CeejayClothing, we're big believers in the power of storytelling. Each piece we create is infused with our experiences. From choosing fabrics to selecting colors inspired by nature's beauty. We want every garment to tell a tale of luxury, creativity, and endless possibilities. Welcome to Ceejay, where every piece has its own story to share.